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Imperfection: A Momoir

Not Your Average Memoir

This book is not about coaching or how to get the life you deserve, but rather it is a non fictional account of life from a parent’s eyes.  It appeals widely to other people who are looking for empathy and understanding on their choices or mistakes as parents.  I have been told by readers that the stories often feel like a glimpse into their own homes; like I have a spy camera that records their lives as parents, the nuances of their children, and I have written it down for the world to witness. Yet, as the author, they are my own. And on this, we build a relationship, without needing to ever meet. Knowing so many others have the same experiences becomes a source of invaluable comfort, a hand to hold in the darker times. 

A Brief Memoir of My Writing Experience

I have been involved in writing for several years as an intern at Parent Guide and Arabella Magazine, as a freelancer, and most recently, as a regular columnist for the Jewish Link of New Jersey. I have been running and orchestrating a book club for 11 years, dissecting and analyzing works of literature, led a writer’s circle for three years, and am the chief officer of www.the-essayist.com, a service that inspires and assists students looking to create essays for college or high school entry. I won second place in a writing contest at JewishStoryWriting.com,and I twice participated and completed in the NanoWriMo competition.